Disclosing Italy, part 1: Ideal city and how Machiavelli almost said something important

Traveler is the creator of the country he is travelling to, cannot be more true when I recollect memories of all of my past travels. There is nothing extra triumphal in what Christopher Colombo or Marco Polo once did than what a single backpacking traveler does every day on his travels and that is- discovering new land, custom and culture. Each discovery is unique and belongs to the person experiencing it making it their little treasure that they collected like busy bees and are about to spread it buzzing around the globe

Good old times

25 years ago, shortly after mom returned home and I was born, war started, displacing people and territories, leaving everything and everyone devastated, my grandfather tragically died and my dad decided to return to his village and never leave again, watching the rest of their money melt into alcohol, while drowning slowly in his sorrow. Mom stood by her family and shortly after added a single mother to her housewife status.