Putovanje kroz Istočnu Srbiju #1 : Imaj malo vere

Kratak, odzvanjajući zvuk zvona, vezanih za vratove ovaca odjekivao je kroz svetlozelenu dolinu, razbijajući maglu koja se prolivala kroz grožđe, narušavajući tišinu koja je obavila selo prethodnih dana. Zategla je čvor crne marame na glavi i, nakon što se uverila da ovce neće napustiti proplanak okružen vinogradima i niskim, žbunastim drvećem, lagano je savila glavuContinue reading “Putovanje kroz Istočnu Srbiju #1 : Imaj malo vere”

Road trip Eastern Serbia #1 : Have some faith

Short but resonant, repetitive sound of bells, tied around sheep necks echoed across the light green valley breaking the fog shedding over grapes, disturbing the silence that occupied the village in the past days. She tightened up the knot of her black head scarf and, after making sure sheep are not leaving the glade surroundedContinue reading “Road trip Eastern Serbia #1 : Have some faith”

Sapia Salvani

The noise of weapons and arms rattling against each other was getting louder and louder as she was approaching the window on the western side of the castle. She barely slept that night, ever since she heard Ghibellines retreated to the hillock near her house, escaping the Guelph army that overtook the Colle castle thatContinue reading “Sapia Salvani”

Perfect life calling

„Why are there no old, damaged buildings? City old as this one should have few of them, shouldn’t it?“ said Z’s grandpa, mostly to himself, which broke the silence we enjoyed for few canals now, walking and staring at the perfect, tall and thin, brick buildings and soaking its every detail. By saying this, itContinue reading “Perfect life calling”

Disclosing Italy, part 5: Ushtipci and sandy planet Tattoine

“O Dio” was all he creaked from time to time, whenever we crossed some bump on the road, along with a load of Holy Marie’s, St. Lucia’s and other Italian Saints in the same package the moment we got on one of the cobblestone streets during our ride.

Disclosing Italy, part 4: Un pezzo di cielo caduto in terra

“What a child”, I thought while looking at Paolo sitting across the coach from me in a metro we took. He was tapping his feet while looking around the metro and starring at people, smiling and soaking every detail of their faces. The deep, male voice announced our stop and I nodded at him asContinue reading “Disclosing Italy, part 4: Un pezzo di cielo caduto in terra”

Disclosing Italy, part 3 : Ma prima un’ cafe and how Caravaggio became a sculptor

„Ma prima un’ cafe!“ said he, while I was busy counting all of the statues set between raising columns of Piazza del Plebiscito, named after the plebiscite taken in 1860, that brought Naples into the unified Kingdom of Italy. Paolo continued following me around, telling me story his dad had made up, about the argumentContinue reading “Disclosing Italy, part 3 : Ma prima un’ cafe and how Caravaggio became a sculptor”

Otkrivanje Italije, deo 2: Uspinjanje uz čizmu i slojevi Italije

Na vrhu italijanske čizme nalazi se ostrvo u obliku trougla, zemlja poslastičarskih delikatesa, glasnih ljudi i Kuma, filmskog i stvarnog. Mesto odakle važnost familije i bakica koja vam gura hranu u lice, na svakom koraku i u svakoj prilici potiču. Tamo gde su afrički narodi, nekada – osvajači, sada – migranti preduzeli i preduzimaju prveContinue reading “Otkrivanje Italije, deo 2: Uspinjanje uz čizmu i slojevi Italije”

Disclosing Italy, part 2: Climbing the booth and unlayering Italy

At the tip of Italian boot, there’s a triangle shaped island, land of pastry delicacies, loud people and OG Godfather. Place where „famiglia“ and grandma stuffing you food at every step and occasion were invented. Where African, centuries ago – conquerors, now – migrants took and are taking their first steps in search for newContinue reading “Disclosing Italy, part 2: Climbing the booth and unlayering Italy”