Otkrivanje Italije, deo 4: Un pezzo di cielo caduto in terra

Un pezzo di cielo caduto in terra (Komad neba koji je pao na Zemlju) kažem sebi u bradu, gledajući kako se nebo spušta u more kao u peščanom satu, menjajući se u ružičasto, narandžasto, žuto i konačno mračno pri smiraju dana. Grad se osvetljuje, nikad ne prestajući da žamori i brblja, dok barovi i restorani počinju da iznose hranu, započinjući čuveni aperitivo hour.

Disclosing Italy, part 4: Un pezzo di cielo caduto in terra

Un pezzo di cielo caduto in terra(A piece of heaven fell on Earth) i say into my beard, watching the sky pouring down into the sea like in an hourglass, turning pink, orange, yellow and finally dark as the day runs out. The city lights up, never stopping murmuring and jesting, while bars and restaurants start bringing out their finger food, opening the famous aperitivo hour.

Disclosing Italy, part 3 : Ma prima un’ cafe and how Caravaggio became a sculptor

For all Italians, especially Neapolitans (who are a different breed), multiple, daily income of coffee is, more than anything, a matter of lifestyle. The main idea is for coffee to be short, strong, and creamy, which is why the bar is always crammed with people downing their coffee fast, al volo(on the run) and rushing out. It’s a part of Holy Trinity of Italians, as I call it, 1-Drink only wine and water with your meal and NEVER order tap water; 2-Do not put ketchup on pasta/pizza(little less pineapple you rascal); 3-Take your coffee in two sips standing up.