Guesthouse “Bajka”

On a road trip through Eastern Serbia we came across to one of the most unique guesthouses we’ve ever seen. Several wooden houses and cabins, one of which is a tree house, are placed in the forest next to Danube close to Golubac fortress. It took 40 years for owner of the place to build it from the scratch, and it truly looks like a fairytale (Bajka in Serbian means fairytale). Location: Vinci, Serbia

Na našem proputovanju Istočnom Srbiju naišli smo na najoriginalniji smeštaj koji smo ikada videli. Nekoliko drvenih kuća, jedna od njih na drvetu, nalaze se u šumi pored Dunava, nedaleko od Golubačke tvrđave. Čoveku, koji je izgradio ovo mesto od nule, bilo je potrebno oko 40 godina i zaista je od mesta napravio pravu bajku. Lokacija; Vinci, Srbija

Published by ratomirovna

Travel gal. Storyteller. The voluntary slave of Duda and Pier. Mother's daughter. Brother's bro. Road tripping and budget travel master. Fan of turkish coffee. Into hats. In romance with Italy since 2015. You offer an adventure, i say "yes please"

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